V E N T R I C L E started in 2016, when I started incorporating FOAMed into my practice, while working in the Emergency Room. I still remember the days when my desktop was filled with links and bookmarks of the websites that I often used to enrich my EM knowledge. After completing a web design course in 2017, I started playing around with web design techniques and concepts and started using web applications in my own medical  practice. I was intrigued by the efficiency these platforms had to offer and started incorporating data functionality into my designs that was not just educational but functional in my life as a physician in a evolving digital world.

V E N T R I C L E is a collaboration between great minds. It is the first physician operated search engine of it’s kind and circulates knowledge from around the globe.

The Dashboard PRO V2.0 was created over the course of 3 years. We used a variety of designs to incorporate 30 resources that could be used while studying for exams, but also in clinical practice and found the dashboard design to be most effective.  We expanded the project in 2019 to incorporate aspects of patient care that is often considered a nuisance for physicians by adding smart templates and an ER Drugs database.

V EN T R I C L E was developed with private funds for the sole purpose of improving patient care and reducing physician burnout. The exact mechanism of how we plan to achieve this is not yet known, but small observation studies can be done in the future to evaluate if these goals are met.

Since 2000, the world wide web has made things just a little bit easier to find what you are looking for, using any device linked to the internet. The good news is that access to the www is continuously being improved by influencing companies like Google. The Ventricle Project is our ability to bring all resources together in a single interface and make it searchable without the need for SEO optimization. As we are also seeing a reduction in screen time and the use of apps like Twitter and Facebook, the need will expand to provide simple and updated  focused ecosystems to complete tasks.


 I was born in Namibia and grew up in a small town called Ceres, South Africa. After completing my MBChB at the University of Stellenbosch, I rotated through various hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa. My love for Emergency Medicine started in a small community hospital called GF Jooste. After completing my Internship, I found myself walking into a war zone on 1 January 2009. The emergency room was overcrowded and the resuscitation bay was covered in blood stained linen from the “stab heart” that was just delivered to the OR. It was here that I first learned the value of Oxford medical handbooks in guiding me through procedures and diagnostics.

I have since worked in many different settings including family medicine, long term care, walk-in and hospital medicine. I continue doing emergency medicine in my community based hospital, in British Columbia, Canada, where it is often me, 2 – 3 nurses and like Salim said, the cleaner who needs to stabilize the critical patient. FOAMed has given me the ability to provide extraordinary care to my patients in times when resources is limited.

My Career: Physician, Founder Borland Medi-Clinic, Chief Medical Information Officer, Instructer, Lifelong Student


Medicine is evolving. We can sit back and allow industries to dictate our future, or we can take control ourselves as physicians and help shape the evolution to comply with our goals and standards. Our goal at VENTRICLE is to provide students and physicians with a trusted resource to limit medical error and improve care to our patients by integrating Ventricle into a patient management system, MyEDProfile