Weekly Wrap Up - 02 March 2020

written by Dr Johann Schreve

Circulating Knowledge

Highlights of the week

Emergency Medicine Cases

Occult Shoulder Injuries and Proximal Humerus Fractures
In this EM Cases main episode podcast Occult Shoulder Injuries and Proximal Humerus Fractures, Dr. Arun Sayal and Dr. Dale Dantzer answer questions such as: What should be included in the list of key occult shoulder injuries that we should have in our back pockets when faced with a patient who has injured their shoulder and the x-ray appears normal?

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Supraventricular Tachycardia SVT
Overview of symptoms, signs and management of SVT in pediatric populations.

Life In The Fast Lane

Cutting Edge Cardiac Arrest
A panel with the chairs of ILCOR discussing their two newest protocols. Hosted by Scott Weingart.

Rebel Logo


Rebellion in EM 2019: All PEA is Not the Same via Tarlan Hedayati, MD
A 57-year-old man is watching his son’s baseball game when he suddenly collapses. Witnesses did not appreciate a pulse, so they started CPR. Unfortunately, an AED was not available. EMS was called and when they arrived within minutes the patient was found to be in vfib arrest and was defibrillated

Ventricle Review

Every week, we will review a medical platform that enhances our knowledge, embraces care to our patients or just makes our life a little bit easier. The views in the section is that of the author. 

Emergency Medicine Cases

URL: https://emergencymedicinecases.com/

Added to Ventricle Pro: Yes

Overview: Emergency Medicine Cases is a blog lead by FOAMed giant, Anton Helman. It is Canadian and has awesome content.

Relevance: Emergency Physicians and General Practitioners

Cost: Free

Launched: 2012

Ventricle Rating


"Game Changer"


Emergency Medicine Cases was one of the first blogs that I discovered, that significantly changed my practice in the Emergency Room and beyond.   


    • Podcasts
    • eBooks
    • Blogs
      • ECG Cases
      • CritCases
      • BEEM Cases
    • Summaries (Awesome)
      • Written 
      • Rapid Review Videos
    • Videos
    • Courses


The website is well designed and navigates without any issues. The content is of the highest standard and every effort is made to ensure that it is current, relevant and educational.

I particularly like the written summaries as it makes it easy to find that quick overview of a subject that might be hard to remember. Anton also focus on occult injuries, that are often missed and reading through these while on duty can definitely help you not hear, “remember that patient you saw the other day…”.

I also started reading the e-books recently and highly recommend that you look at them when you work in the ED. They are raw and relevant to your every day practice in the ER and kudo’s to Anton for putting them together!

How I would use it:

Emergency Medicine Cases as a resource is expanding every year. The goal is to provide you with core information to succeed in your daily life as an Emergency Physician and beyond. As a general practitioner, you can definitely tap into this content and familiarize yourself with conditions that can present to the walk-in, your practice or in the hospital if you are doing in-patient care.

I often learn after my shifts, by reading about the conditions that I think I need to brush up on. This is not necessarily due to not knowing what to do, but to embrace evidence-based care captured within this peer-reviewed resource. 

Ventricle Platform

The PRO Dashboard is now equipped with the following elements to navigate and access medical resources. 

  • Search – Search across 30 resources for the best evidence to manage your patients. Free and Paid sites are incorporated to enhance your experience.
    • Search by
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  • Videos  – The video library is growing with just shy of 200 videos for procedures, topics and ultrasound.
    • Search by
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  • Drugs  – The drug database is focused at the Emergency Physician provides
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      • Indications
      • Contra-Indications
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      • Comments by hospital pharmacists
  • Templates – Dictating your notes? Try our templates. Easy to transfer into your handset and connects you with resources relevant to the template.
  • Forum – Studying for exams or found a gem? Let us know on the forum. 

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