Portals | MD's - Introduction to the Portal

written by Dr Johann Schreve

Circulating Knowledge


Patient portals are now part of the digital patient management era and I thought that it would be a good idea to do a 5 part series around this controversial topic. 

Introduction to the Patient Portal

I go over some of the elements captured within the patient portal.

The Patient Centred Approach


I discuss the core reason behind the patient portal.

The Physician and the Portal


I discuss the physician’s role in making the portal successfull.

The Portal: Flow and emotions

I explore the core of the portal and how information flows through the specific levels of care. I also explain some of the emotions that drives certain patient behaviors and how you as physician, can direct these emotions.

Future Integrations


I go over some of the more futuristic ideas around the patient portal.

Introduction to Patient Portals

The Patient Portal is an extension of the electronic medical record. It is a secure website that allows patients to view their electronic records hosted within the secure framework of a practice, hospital or health authority.

What records are usually available on the patient portal?

  • Lab Results
  • Image Reports
  • Consultation Reports
  • Doctors Visits
  • Discharge Summaries

Portals also provide patients with the ability to view:

  • Visit records to:
    • Emergency Departments
    • Radiology
  • Update their address, phone number and contact information
  • View certain appointment details and instructions

Portals are protected with the same security as the electronic medical record. Information is encrypted and it usually requires some form of two-factor authentication, before access is granted.

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