Weekly Wrap Up - 24 February 2020

written by Dr Johann Schreve

Circulating Knowledge

Highlights of the week

BC Emergency Network

E-cigarette or Vaping product use Associated Lung Injury
Vaping is the act of inhaling liquid vaporized by an electronic device. Vaping liquid typically contains nicotine or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other diluents including artificial flavours, propylene glycol and glycerin.

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Camphor poisoning
Camphor is highly toxic. While it is readily absorbed from the skin most toxic exposure is from ingestion. Common substances containing camphor include:

Life In The Fast Lane

Kat Evans takes us through the reality of managing pre-eclampsia in South Africa, highlighting what we cannot miss.

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Critical Care Education Curriculum
The REBELEM Team is proud to provide you with a Critical Care Education Curriculum that can be used for your residents, medical students, advanced providers as well as many other learners during their rotation.

Ventricle Review

Every week, we will review a medical platform that enhances our knowledge, embraces care to our patients or just makes our life a little bit easier. The views in the section is that of the author. 


URL: www.clinicaid.ca

Added to Ventricle Pro: Yes

Overview: ClinicAid is a billing program for physicians in Canada 

Relevance: BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta Physicians

Cost: $13 – $240 per month

Launched: 2012

Ventricle Rating


"Highly Recommended"


ClinicAid is a billing program for Canadian Physicians designed by Cloud Practice Inc. It makes the process of billing tolerable and has some cool features built in to enhance your income.  


The website is hosted by Cloud Practice Inc and is incredibly fast. The server was updated in February 2020 and is now displaying robust reports in record time.

The interface is streamlined to complete the task at hand. Below is a link to take you through the program.

View Tour

There are plenty of features that you can explore with the videos embedded in this post.


  • OSCAR Integration
    • ClinicAid is integrated into Juno EMR’s OSCAR instance. It links to the patient database of your instance and pulls the information directly from OSCAR when submitting a claim.
  • Reports
    • What I really enjoy about this billing program is the reports generated to provide you with an in-depth overview of how you are doing in terms of your billing. This functionality provides quick access to rejections and pending claims, which is very helpful to ensure you bill effectively.

How I would use it:

ClinicAid can be used as a standalone billing program or in conjunction with Juno.

  • Juno
    • To access ClinicAid via your Juno account, requires you to log in and then navigating from there.
  • Stand Alone
    • I personally have a standalone account to submit claims directly through ClinicAid and use it when I work outside of the clinic setting (emergency, longterm care, hospital). This works really well and you can literally bill on the go.
  • Interface
    • I created elaborate service and diagostic code libraries within my accounts to find codes quickly without the need to search them. This speeds up the process significantly and I would highly recommend that you create your own when using this program.

Ventricle Platform

The PRO Dashboard is now equipped with the following elements to navigate and access medical resources. 

  • Search – Search across 30 resources for the best evidence to manage your patients. Free and Paid sites are incorporated to enhance your experience.
    • Search by
      • Topic
      • General Search
      • Author
      • Category
      • Type
  • Videos  – The video library is growing with just shy of 200 videos for procedures, topics and ultrasound.
    • Search by
      • Key words
      • Author
      • Category
  • Drugs  – The drug database is focused at the Emergency Physician provides
      • Dose
      • Route
      • Indications
      • Contra-Indications
      • Link to source
      • Comments by hospital pharmacists
  • Templates – Dictating your notes? Try our templates. Easy to transfer into your handset and connects you with resources relevant to the template.
  • Forum – Studying for exams or found a gem? Let us know on the forum. 

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