How to... View and Edit Content


V E N T R I C L E  is your own personal medical library that you can take wherever you go. It is mobile and links with other functionality captured within the medical dashboard. All resources that is uploaded to your personal account, is only visible and available to you by logging into your personal V E N T R I C L E PRO account. 

My Resources

My Resources is displayed in tabular format format within the Dashboard V2.0. Within the table is core features that allows you to edit, view and record notes within your own work station. Let’s look at some of the features.

The Search Section

We added the search function for My Resources in the top of the screen. 

This section searches the Topics within your Library.

This searches the resources within your library.

When you want to simply search within your resources table, simply click on the column name to reorganize your resources. 

The Table

The table comes with additional features that allows you to edit and view your resources. 

Each of your resources are stored according to your defined categories.  When content is added to your library, it will automatically be added within the category that you selected it to be stored under. 

The Topic section is the name of the resource that you allocated to the content.

This will display the date when the resource was uploaded. 

This stipulates which website was used to select the content.

Open Source is the link to the resource that you uploaded. The first column opens the link within the screen, while the second column opens the link within a new browser window. 

When you uploaded a document or a picture (twitter post, critbit etc) it will be stored in this column for download. 

The edit link allows you to edit the content within the actual table. 

When you click on the specific topic name, it will take you to the details around this specific resource. Here you can:

  1. Edit the URL
  2. Edit your personal notes. 

Edit Content

Content can be edited within the details screen by using the same Notepad found in the Uploader.

Content can also be edited by expanding the window and dictating or typing within the notepad.

View Content

The screen below shows you how the link opens in the same window for you to view it when needed. 

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