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V E N T R I C L E  is your own personal medical library that you can take wherever you go. It is mobile and links with other functionality captured within a medical dashboard. Our vision was to develop a search engine that could link health professionals with resources from around the globe and learn from the best in the business. 

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The Ventricle administrative team is dedicated to upload resources as they are posted and reviewed on the web. Our goal is to diversify the engine to include a variety of different resources over the years to come. The engine is available free here.

How to optimize your search

The engine can be searched using 4 filters that is individually programmed to enhance your search. 

  1. Topics – When links are uploaded to the engine, they are tagged with a specific topic. By typing in the field, it will bring up topics already added. 
  2. Name – This is the name of the post and essentially brings up the heading of each of the posts uploaded in the engine.
  3. Author – This filter allows you to browse specific websites.
  4. Category – We added a dropdown filter to view posts within specific categories. 
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