How to... use ER Drugs


V E N T R I C L E  is your own personal medical library that you can take wherever you go. It is mobile and links with other functionality captured within a medical dashboard. Our goal is to enhance patient care and improve outcomes, but also to enhance physician access to drugs often used in the emergency environment.


ER Drugs as a library of medications that is developed in conjunction with hospital and community pharmacists. Our goal with this section in Ventricle is to provide physicians with a quick reference guide to medications, but also to link them to resources to learn more about the evidence behind their use.

Search Drugs

We decided to search the drug database through 2 filters.

  1. Drug Name
  2. Indication
Drug Name
Search by name
Search by indication

ER Drug Database

The Ventricle team will continually monitor resources linked to our drug database and provide insight in the note section regarding pitfalls etc.


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