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V E N T R I C L E  is your own personal medical library that you can take wherever you go. It is mobile and links with other functionality captured within a medical dashboard. Our goal is to enhance patient care and improve outcomes, but also to enhance physician administration duties through core digital innovation strategies.


As digital medicine is expanding, so is our ability to improve documentation. The problem is that it takes on average 2 minutes longer to dictate or type notes within a digital platform. With VENTRICLE Templates, we aim to reduce time spent on medical documentation through carefully created medical templates that can be copied and pasted within your dictation software or EMR.


Templates are created and designed by physicians with a specific interest in health informatics. All templates are created with 4 main goals:

  1. Capture critical information for medico-legal purposes.
  2. Enhance patient experience through providing information in an organized format that can be shared in a patient portal.
  3. Link physicians to potential resources to enhance decision making.
  4. Close the loop between treating physicians and MRP’s with a well defined follow-up section for hospital notes, emergency notes and specialist notes.

Within the dashboard we have incorporated a suggestion section, where physicians can submit templates to be used on the network.

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